Florida Democrat who replaced Rep. Mark Foley caught in sex scandal

Democrat Congressman Tim Mahoney who replaced email flirting, quasi-deviant Mark Foley has been busted in yet another sex scandal out of the Florida district. Mahoney who promised to “lift the district out of an ethical cloud”, is alleged to have paid staffer Patricia Allen $121K to stay quiet. The plan worked until he fired her.

Democrats are outraged that one of their own was somehow caught up in a heterosexual encounter. (OK I made that last part up)


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  • Renee

    When discussing politics, it’s always ends up talking about ‘sex, money, and power’.

    Foley was a creep.

    Sad though since he, himself was abused.

    I don’t find having an affair to be attractive, I don’t know what there women see in dealing with guys like these. If men don’t care about their wives and children, they won’t care about you either.

  • Laurel

    This guy definitely gets an honorary mention in my Republican Sexual Hypocrites listings.  After all, it is the hypocrisy of running on “family values” and/or “law and order” while not living up to those ideals personally that lands repubs in the RSH list.  Sad to see a dem fall so low as all those hypocritical repubs, but we can’t win ’em all.

    Honestly, the worst part of it is that he didn’t come up with some amusingly inane “toe tapping” sort of story like Larry Craig.  If a pol is going to embarrass themselves and betray the voters’ trust, at least they should be entertaining in their effort to avoid justice!  This guy fails the fun test.  Two strikes.

  • eury13

    Get a Republican in there now and we can beat him in two years. Mahoney was never that great a Dem anyway.