Do I really want my guy to win?

Sorry about being so snippy on life issues, not sorry on being vocal on life issues, just sorry on the snippy part.

Anyways speaking with relatives who were Hilary supporters and probably will hold their nose and vote for Obama, though they say they are undecided. They aren’tgoing to vote for Obama, because they like him or even agree with him, they simply never liked George Bush from the beginning and put fault all on Bush for everything and anything.

Things are looking so bad, we were conversing and asking ourselves really want someone we actually like get blamed for what will happen. Do either of us really want the ‘other guy’ to win and get left holding check. I think we technically need a depression, every form of a stimulus or government issued directive to stabilize the economy hasn’t worked.

Growing up children use to dream of wanting to be President, not anymore.  

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