De-Incorporate Cities and Towns, re-instate County government, Save Money

I have not had a chance to fully research this position, however my gut tells me that one of the fundamental ways we are in the financial trouble as a state is the fact that we have 351 local governmental entities.  Each with its own fire chief, each with its own police chief, each with its own administrator, each with its own board of selectmen, each with its own town clerk, etc…, etc…

Other states do not operate like this.  They have some municipalities but vast swatches of land are under the purview of county government.  There is a price to pay for local municipal independence.

I am challenging RMG to help me look up the data as to how other states spend their money especially in county services vs. municipal services to see if there are savings.

Deperate times call for Bold measures.  Let’s explore together if there may be significant savings by de-incorporating every city or town with less than say 70,000 population and providing municipal services via re-instated county government.

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