“David Mamet Leaves the Brain Dead Left”

I made note of David Mamet’s essay (a five page read) here over at RMG last March, felt the need to a follow up commentary by D’Souza.

Dinesh D’Souza :: Townhall.com Columnist

David Mamet Leaves the Brain Dead Left

Mamet’s essay in a March issue of the Village Voice, “Why I am No Longer a Brain Dead Liberal,” came as a complete surprise. In this essay Mamet did not declare himself a Republican or a McCain voter. His conversion was to a kind of philosophical conservatism. Mamet affirmed what he called the conservative or tragic view of life over the liberal or perfectionist view.

Mamet openly identified with his Jewish heritage and boldly said that National Public Radio might as well stand for “National Palestinian Radio.” Mamet also expressed unabashed love for America, which is something that left-wing Democrats only express at their presidential conventions when it is time to put on a performance for the American people who are watching. The rest of the time they are mentored by the likes of Jeremiah Wright whose motto is better expressed as “God damn America.”

Perhaps most touching, Mamet expressed the profound sense of liberation that all independent-thinking people feel when they stop kowtowing to liberal shibboleths. “I no longer need to believe the drivel that is spoken around me,” Mamet said. “I feel lighter already.” To which I can only say: welcome home, David Mamet.


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