Crack up on the right, Pt. 2: Changing sides, libertarians still angry at GOP

Ryan Sager is too cute by half. Libertarians never really were with McCain and it's tough to say, as Sager suggest, that Obama is some victim of socialist name calling and race-bating. (Proof that Sager is buying the McCain-angry crowd mad “killer” narrative.”) Of course you can mimic liberals and blame it all on Karl Rove.

Why would libertarians abandon McCain? After all, they believe in low taxes—and McCain is the one promising those. And if they're concerned about social issues, well, McCain's never shown much of a stomach for cultural warfare. That is, of course, until now. The real McCain, whoever that is or was, may still believe that major swathes of the Religious Right represent “agents of intolerance” in our politics. But he has decided to stake both his election and the Republican Party's future upon them—from the barely coded racial refrain of “Who is Barack Obama?,” to the rallies with shouts of “terrorist” and “kill him,” to the corrosive choice of pipeline-prayer Sarah Palin as his running mate and heir apparent.

If libertarians think Obama is their man they are sadly misguided opting out of rage for someone who will put constitutional liberties at risk (See Obama on 2nd Amendment and and Cass Susteinian redistribution of wealth). Libertarians are turning into cry-babies. They may be a spent force in politics. Spoilers only go so far and that's all libertarians will be in this election. 

One thing that amuses me about the western libertarian mindset represented by Sager is the sainted status of Senator Barry Goldwater, cold war warrior and opponent of the 1964 civil rights act and big government enterprises such as NASA. The civil rights stance (nuanced as it may be on associative libertarian grounds) is the reason Republicans (and even the lilly white Libertarian Party) have not managed to attract significant amount of black voters.

That Goldwater kicked the political touchstone of modern American politics (civil rights) in the stomach is of no concern to Sager and the libertarians. Indeed it only proves that the libertarian mindset is not really socially liberal if it ignores the positive rights embodied in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

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