Cape election draws political heavyweights

By Karen Jeffrey

August 09, 2008

SANDWICH – Like two prizefighters, they take their places in the political ring warming up for the big contest in November.

In one corner is the incumbent, state Rep. Jeffrey Perry, 46, a Republican who has made his reputation as a conservative’s conservative.

In the other corner, the challenger: Glenn Pare, 52, a Democrat and art gallery owner who describes Perry as an ideologue whose commitment to conservatism overrides any commitment to his constituents.


The 5th Barnstable District includes:

All precincts in Sandwich; Barnstable Precincts 10, 11, 12; Bourne Precinct 4 and Mashpee Precincts 1 and 3.

Breakdown of major party voter enrollments:


All precincts

Unenrolled voters 15,018

Democrats 3,423

Republicans 2,990


10th precinct

Unenrolled 1,553

Democrats 600

Republicans 470

11th precinct

Unenrolled 1,588

Democrats 636

Republicans 574

12th precinct

Unenrolled 1,400

Democrats 548

Republicans 396


Precinct 4

Unenrolled 1,451

Democrats 578

Republicans 361


Precinct 1

Unenrolled 1,202

Democrats 631

Republicans 307

Precinct 3

Unenrolled 920

Democrats 414

Republicans 230

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