Bill O’Reilly sends stooge to confront Bill Ayers and non-stop hillarity ensues!

The Giant Head That Yells Incoherently on Fox News sent one of his stunt boys to ask Bill Ayers why he hates America so much. Ayers said nothing in his poseur red star t-shirt while he took groceries out of his Prius. He then walks to his house and where it really gets awkward.

The best part is when they title him in the caption: William Ayers Radical Professor.

I was really looking forward to the caption: Willaim Ayers UNREPENTANT TERRORIST & OBAMA’S BFF

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  • geo999

    …is an ignorant, worthless, evil son of a bitch.  He should be followed around and hounded by his betters every day for the rest of his miserable life.

    Now, if you would like to take this opportunity to enlighten us as to why Mr. Ayers does not fit the above description – please, the rostrum is yours.

  • The police.  The same police he and wifey were so bent on killing in their Weather Underground days.  

    Just like all the other anti-police, anti-military, and anti-establishment cowards, when then they perceive a threat and start cowering like sheep around wolves, they turn to the sheepdog for help.


  • for the past 40 years where he belongs. He and his scumbag terrorist wife beat the rap on a wire tap technicality.

    His mocking comment of:

    Guilty as hell!

    Free as a bird!

    What a country!

    says it all about this scumbag . He should be hung by his earrings or better yet his balls if he ‘s even got any