Biden wrong that gay couples should have equal rights

Wow, this issue was SO CLOSE to being discussed last night!! Biden again said he and Obama believe that a same-sex couple should have ALL of the rights of a heterosexual couple. Leaving aside how he squares that with being opposed to same-sex marriage when it is so clearly unconstitutional irrational animus to have a separate name for the same rights, let’s look at what that means in terms of reproductive rights. Either he is saying that a same-sex couple should certainly have the right to attempt to conceive children together using their own genes, or he is saying that a married man and woman do NOT have the right to attempt to conceive a child using their own genes. Either of these outcomes would be dire, ushering in a new age of coercive eugenics, and the worst part is, we’ll probably end up with BOTH outcomes unless we make a distinction between the rights of same-sex and both sex couples to attempt to conceive children together. Biden and Obama would probably lead us to not only allowing unsafe and expensive genetic engineering of designer children and same-sex conception, but also to a world where people with genetic anomolies or deficiencies would not be allowed to use their own genes to attempt to procreate with their spouse.

Biden and Obama are dangerously wrong that same-sex couples should have all the rights that a man and a woman have.  Preserve marriage’s conception rights and stop the Brave New World!

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