Biden crushes Palin in debate.

Yes, today is opposite day.  But now that I have your attention here are my thoughts on the debate last night.

Sarah came out a bit shakey and nervous as the venue was larger than normal for her.  Her first 10 minutes were forgetable.  But, about 10 to 15 minutes in she began to awaken and become considerably more confidant in her responses often forcing a grimmace to Joe Biden’s face.  Sarah Palin was clearly the more enthusiastic of the two and she seemed as though she really wanted the job. I also liked that she spoke to the people in the television audience as though they had a brain.  Her message of being a maverick outsider was convincing.  People relate to Palin with her stories of middle class life.

Joe Biden gave a very solid performance.  I really like Joe Biden and of all the Dems he was my favorite.  I think he is well versed in politics and a real gentleman.  But he had the opposite effect as Palin.  He came out strong and got weaker as the questioning continued.  He began to sound a lot like more of the same old sh*t from Washington.  No real innovative ideas and no real motivation for the job.  Joe’s performance was solid and convincing – I wonder why he didn’t do better in the primary.  I did notice that Joe tried to mimmick Palin’s personal anecdotal stories with a few of his own.  “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

I am absolutely positive that the Dems saw Biden as the winner and the GOP saw Palin as the winner.  If undecideds watched the debate I think they may have seen two good people going toe-to-toe and not much more.  There were no significant gaffs and no “gotcha” moments.  On Fox after the debate Dr Luntz polled a group and discovered that people thought Palin was credible, but perhaps not enough to change everyone’s mind about her.

I believe that Palin was the winner for this reason – for the last 2 weeks the MSM has been trying desperately to knock down Palin thru her interviews with Katie “Old Tramp” Couric.  But, what they did was reduce the expectation levels so far that Palin appeared far more impressive than people thought.  In other words, the MSM hurt their own partisan efforts to destroy Palin.

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