Beatty Kerry Debate tonight 8PM on NECN

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As a kid, I knew that when I didn’t have the greatest report card it wouldn’t be me who brought up the fact that it arrived home with me during dinner conversation. When I did have a good one, I’d be waving it when I walked through the door for all to see.

Senator Kerry must not have made honor role. Apparently he too realizes his poor perfomance, otherwise why would he have bullied his way to a debate which was arguably up against the highest scheduled TV show of the week? Sure the Red Sox would have higher arbitron showings but they could have also been eliminated leaving the debate the only show in town.

The Patriots on Monday Night Football was a definite. If Kerry had been proud of his performance, he would have gladly made himself available for a prime time debate without such competition. Beatty accepted the time frame with little choice but I worry that many will miss the debate and will rely on the mainstream Boston media to define what took place in the next few days.

Clean  his clock Jeff. Grab the folk’s attention between 8PM and 8:15.

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