…..and the vandalism continues

Apparently, you cannot have a Republican club in New Smyrna Beach without it being vandalized by Obamessiah lefties.

Apparently, McCain cannot have an office in Indianapolis either.

Apparently, one cannot put up a McCain sign in Las Cruces either.

….or in Maryland

Can’t be for McCain in Portsmouth, NH either.

…can’t have an Obama office in Oregon???

Hate crimes?

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  • Renee

    The Youth of the Left is purely narcissistic and barbaric with a fast internet connection and good grammar though. They’re intelligent, but valueless.  

  • Knightbrigade

    understand the dynamics, but…

    what should WE do?

    NO showing of support for ANYTHING, be it sport politics affiliations etc.?

    I live in Andover, I have an NRA window decal and a McCain bumper sticker…

    I also had a Bush 2004 bumper sticker.

    I guess I’ve been lucky, but my freedom to express my support and opinions trumps bending to the will of others.

    Besides if I encountered such thug tactics, it’s not as if the perpetrator wouldn’t see the error of their ways…lol