a note of congrats to RMG

I see McCain is now slipping fast in New Hampshire.

It’s easy to blame an embarassingly inept campaign–obviously on a local level, but even worse nationally (thanks SO much for Sarah P, the gift that keeps on giving!) run by obvious amateurs (you guys are actually going to LOSE a state for McCain  that halfwit GWB WON?!?–sweet work)… out I like to think that maybe some indies up there had a look at RMG.

Once they find out that today’s GOP rank and files actually believes that the mainstream media is run by communists–I’m STILL blown away by that one–and believes  that GOP leadership is totally blameless when it comes to the economic toilet we’re floating around in, they pretty much gotta rejoin the reality-based community.

But I just wanted to thank all you locals for your efforts in NH. Thanks to you guys, it’s working for ALL of us! Hey, maybe some of you that work(ed) in NH can go to work for JOhn in Indiana? Please? And work for McCain there?  

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