Why no viral You Tube videos for Question 1? A bleg

Much has been made about the paltry resources at Carla Howell's shop. She's done a masterful job with Question 1 and she is forcing the Dark Side (the MTA, the AFL-CIO) to spend money and resources they would love to spend in NH and Maine on behalf of the Great One. Yes the best defense is an offense. At the risk of proposing an idea and not having my own resources to put the idea in action, I ask: Why isn't there a viral video on the Internet supporting Question 1? I would think that the libertarians have enough savvy digital kids to put one together. (Has anyone ever seen the kids over at Bureaucrash?) Given that I'd like to propose the following to my comrades (LOL) Why don't we collaborate here on drawing up a story board for the ad. For example we can suggest all the dreary headlines about abuses here in the Commonwealth: police details, soaring property taxes, fraud in the pension system, poor schools in the inner city, THE BIG DIG, Deval's curtains and Caddy, Springfield, Theft at the MBTA and the highway department and so on. Of course an open effort like this shows our hand to the opposition but we're only sketching the content not the final product. Anyone game?

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