Whither Question #1?

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How will the financial crisis affecting the nation & the international community affect the prospects for the abolition of the state income tax in Massachusetts? Will Question #1 pass or not?

At first glance, one could reasonably assert that the current meltdown will make it easier for opponents of Question #1 to persuade voters to kill it. State revenues aren’t hitting their quarterly targets & shortfalls are cropping up. Given the current atmosphere of crisis both in the state & across the nation, the voters may decide not to eliminate the roughly 40% of state revenues provided by the income tax.

But what if said voters decided to go ahead & vote for Question #1? Said voters may do so with the rationale that while the federal government may bail out certain Masters of the Universe in Big Business, the taxpayers will wind up footing the bill. Why shouldn’t taxpayers get some of their money back – by ridding themselves of their state income tax? Given the bipartisan arrogance of Beacon Hill, an affirmative “protest” vote on Question #1 would be a shot across the bow of Big Government.

Long time readers of Red Mass Group know that I’ve always opposed Question #1 for multiple reasons. Just as the current financial crisis is bipartisan in its origins, so too is the crisis of confidence voters feel over our state government. Question #1 may work as a temporary “feel good” measure but contributes NOTHING practical towards a restoration of the state’s status as a vibrant constitutional republic.

I have no idea at this time how Question #1 will be decided by the voters in November. But I’m certain events leading up to Election Day will keep the public riveted. Let’s hope the voters do the right thing.

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