Voter Information Packet

Sooooo, I received my voter information packet (.pdf file) from the State over the weekend and read it cover to cover…..very difficult task for some, probably the majority, of voters to do.

Question 1…eliminate the State income tax over 2 years.

Question 2…decriminalize marijuana possession for amounts of a “Z” or less.

Question 3….eliminate dog racing.

Say what you want about #1 and #3 (I’ll be voting 1Y….3N)….I simply want to point out something erroneous in #2 (I’ll be voting 2Y) that just bugs the shit outta me.

Listed in the “against” column is the statement that an ounce of weed has a street value of $600….and equates to 56 individual sales.

WTF????????  Who the hell buys 1/56th of an ounce of weed????  What is that?  ONE pinner of the pinniest of joints?

What this is supposed to do is get an ignorant non-smoker person to believe that an ounce of weed supplies 56 people with their nasty habit….and the smokers I know would scoff at the notion of buying 1/56th of an ounce.

Anyone here ever buy 1/56th of an ounce of weed?  

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