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    Count me in too.  

    Also having problems with posting pics.

  • libs are all over themselves trying to explain this as “He wasn’t talking about Palin and McCain personally….he was talking about ‘change'”

    BTW, you forgot the rest of his statement.  He went on to say (paraphrased) “You can wrap an old fish in paper that say ‘change”…but it’s still gonna stink.”

    Yep…..the woman being a lipstick wearing pig and the old man being an old fish.

    What a political amateur…

  • The Angelic One

    Remember how some women got upset over Obama addressing a female reporter as “sweetie”? I myself thought the incident was a tempest in a teapot. Inferring that Palin is a “pig,” however, is a whole different situation (note in the video clip how uncomfortable Obama seems after saying it). The comment may add fuel to the fires of righteous female indignation – & alienation from the Obama/Biden ticket. [Hey, I thought it was Biden who was supposed to be the ticket’s ‘loose cannon”.] Obama’s comment certainly begged the media braintrust at Team McCain/Palin to exploit it for an attack ad (complete with Katie Couric) – & of course Team McCain/Palin obliged! What the hell was Obama thinking? Will this slip of the lip sink Obama? Somewhere in the darkness, Hillary Clinton is smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

  • I have not seen the whole speech, but I am reading other blogs and they are saying that after the ‘pig’ comment, Obama goes on to use an ‘old fish’ metaphor…


    Gee, lipstick pig, and old fish… hrmm.. does he really want us to believe that he wasn’t talking about Palin and McCain?

  • geo999

    The little hesitation before, the hand over the brow, averting his eyes, are quite convincing that he meant it as most heard it.

    The fact that he lacks the honor and the courage to apologize for his stupidity simply assures that this stain on his character will follow him throughout the campaign.

  • Laurel

    but she can’t take it?  weak.

  • It’s a commonly used metaphor.  It’s absurd to be outraged over it the same as people being outraged when someone uses the word niggardly.  Just because you can’t comprehend the English language doesn’t mean the problem is with the speaker.