The LEFT will stop at NOTHING…

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Well a lot of things in politics irritate me, but nothing more than bullying tactics. For some ridiculous reason the left thinks they are tough and will run roughshod over ANYONE who says anything negative about the Obamasiah.

On one front, they run to the courts with the hopes that some sympathetic judge will RULE the day in their favor. The courts are the lefts favorite playground to play circle jerk word games when they can’t make a case with Main St. USA.

Playing LEGAL games are not the only tactics used, the left also resorts to letting clowns run loose to cause illegal mischief such as hacking e-mails, websites etc.

Well here they go again, the NRA has produced a video which states facts. The problem is the Obamasiah does not like those facts and his maniac followers are wetting themselves to have the video squashed.

Obama has lawyers/”truth squads” threatening TV stations to NOT show the video. As the LEGAL card gets played, magically hacker punks hack a website that had linked to the video, and crashed the site.

These kind of tactics need to be slapped. Smothering the First Amendment to defeat the Second will not stand.

Below is the video hopefully….

I’m a computer moron, so hang with me if these links mess up.


The VIDEO Obama is crying/scared about.…

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