The country’s social security system is doomed to collapse without babies

(Yes it is.  All Ponzi Schemes need rubes at the bottom rungs. Without new rubes babies, we’re doomed.  But hell that’s just sloganeering right.   – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

The video is in this link, sorry no You Tube. It is a minute or two long, but please read the subtitles. With economic woes at this time, people wonder what life will be like in 20 years.

Whether the economy is up or down, Massachusetts is facing a graying problem, with young people leaving to start families else where and those who do stay having a higher rate of choosing not to have children or postponing having children/smaller families. If we don’t acknowledge the benefits that the choice of babies today will be the much needed workers and care givers of tomorrow, simply said our existence in our golden years won’t be pretty. I’m not saying everyone is obligated to have babies, what I’m saying is to acknowledge the long-term benefit whether it be nieces and nephews or a neighbor with a few of their own.  

THE SITUATION: GERMANY IS NOT A CHILD-FRIENDLY COUNTRY. Only 20% of the German population thinks it lives in a child-friendly country, in comparison to 80% in France. Kids are generally seen as a problem and an inconvenience, and are no longer considered to be the most important responsibility that society has. A case in point: a Hamburg court ruled that 40 children who attended a local crèche would have to leave their existing premises and move into a building surrounded by two-metre-high noise barriers after local residents successfully filed a noise pollution complaint. This was an isolated case, but it is indicative of how children are treated in Germany in this day and age. THE CONSEQUENCE: THE BIRTH RATE IN GERMANY IS TOO LOW. People’s desire to have children is lower in Germany than in any other EU member state. Getting on for a quarter of the population now plans to live a children-free life. As a result, the birth rate is now at its lowest since 1946 – and has dropped by 50% in the last 50 years. While a French woman has an average of two children, in Germany, the average is just 1.3. As a consequence, the German birth rate chart is becoming top-heavy and the country’s social security system is doomed to collapse.

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