Tell us more, Guv’nor!

Please, please, keep her under wraps.

Every time she opens her mouth she makes Dan Quayle–George Sr’s pick as the person best qualified to run the country–look good.

Hell–I’m gonna regret saying this–but she could make W look smart.

How the hell could McCain pick someone like this over someone like Condi? I disagree with Ms Rice of any number of things, but that woman could give most of us and most of DC a run for our money (her experience with Russia rather different than Ms Palin’s, no?)–you could actually have an intelligent debate with her.

So if you wanted to go woman, why not go with–ohhh. Right. I forgot. Never mind!

Hey, damned inspiring speech last night from George, wasn’t it? Surprised he didn’t tell us to “go shopping.” THAT was leadership. Lucky break, not having Dear Leader at the COnvention. huh? (I’m assuming that after all the way he made your hearts beat a little faster in his flight suit and all that that none of you are part of the 30 per cent that still expects Daddy to save you all from the terruhists, the liberal elites, the banking estab–whoops, never mind about that.

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