REMINDER: Sholley for Congress Cookout Next Sunday

1.  Reminder:  Join us for a cookout, Sunday, Sept 21, 12:30 noon to meet Congressional Candidate Earl Henry Sholley (EHS) at 36 Bungay Road, North Attleboro.  RSVP with Wayne at 1-774-254-5414, or via e-mail at  To learn about, and support Earl, please visit

2.  Sholley’s Call-to-Action:  I wanted to take this time to thank Wayne Jewett for organizing a fundraiser to support me in my race for Congress.  I would also like to thank my good friend Mike Franco, and Mark Charalambous for helping to spread the word about my candidacy in general and the fundraiser in particular.  They are all heroes of our movement.  These men give proof to the fact that they are caring and loving fathers, and modern-day Sons of Liberty.

I have been a fathers’ rights activist for 15 years, and a justice advocate all of my life.  I have organized many successful protests, vigils, and other events.  I have ‘lost’ a family, a business, and my freedom because

truth and justice are more important to me than maintaining political correctness or personal enrichment.  I have lobbied at the state house, organized a federal lawsuit, heralded our cause in the press, radio, and TV, and I have even directed civil disobedience actions.  I have supported many fathers in court, chaired a chapter, and given financial support to many who were on the verge of financial ruin.  I will not rest until we have fairness in the family court and in society at large.

I am fighting for a presumption of shared parenting, mandated mediation, divorce reform, including an end to no-fault divorce, where children are involved, a national discussion of the importance of fatherhood, removal of all laws that are not gender neutral, fair child-support guidelines, ending revenue enhancing federal laws that give states incentives to arrest fathers, divide families, put children in foster care, & promote divorce, and placing the MA Family Court in federal receivership due to its blatant disregard of Constitutional Rights, sex discrimination, and the abuse of our precious children.  I further believe that judges who are found guilty of adjudicating law unfairly and partially, legislating from the bench, thwarting the will of the people, violating their judicial canons & the Constitution should be impeached and/or jailed.

We have much to do.  It is time to reform the Family Court and government at all levels.  It is imperative that we take political power.  I need your support.  The corruption and feminization of America must end.  Our great Republic cannot long endure without justice, equality, and strong fathersand families.  Kids need their fathers.  Fatherhood is not an option.  Let’s put dads at the head of the table again.  I will run, run again, and run again until the voices of fathers are heard.  I need your support. Together, we are so much stronger.  Together, we can shut down the evil MA Family Court.  Remember the final words of the Declaration of Independence: “we mutually pledge to one another our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”  Can we do any less for our precious children?

Fathers of Massachusetts… this is a call to arms.  Please make a generous contribution to the Sholley for Congress Campaign.  We need a strong and passionate advocate for fathers in Washington.  Come to the Picnic on Sunday, September 21, 2008.  See other posting for details.  If you can’t make the fundraiser, then make a donation online via PayPal at  You can also sent a check to Sholley for Congress, PO Box 76, Norfolk, MA 02056.  Ask family members and friend to contribute as well.  Let’s turn this state of disorder upside down.  With your help, we can beat Barney “Fatherless” Frank.  Volunteer to help.  Get involved, get engaged, and stand up for your rights and dignity.  Let’s have a rally/fundraiser that will be heard around the state.

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