Questioning Palin’s Character

So Electric Strawberry thinks I’m a hypocrite because I brought up Sarah Palin’s “troopergate” and her “Alaska First” problems.  Not to put words in his mouth, but I suppose his contention is that I certainly do condemn the cheap character shots people take around here regarding Obama, his wife and other Dems.

Given my self-appointed role as the house liberal, I don’t expect anyone to buy into my logic-we are partisans that will attack on a dime-but I will state my case and move on.  And I’m sure I’m painting a nice target for assholes like Ken Pittman-but we all deal with the Ken’s of the world and let their words bounce off.  (Given that I’m devoting a post to it, I have a modicum of respect for ES.)  

First, as Angelic One points out often-character does matter-and it is perfectly legitimate to examine and question a person’s character.    What isn’t “right” (a subjective term, I understand) is taking things out of context or creating false inferences based on one distorted piece of fact.  It is legitimate that Obama’s character is questioned with regards to Ayers or Wright.  But other then his association (of varying degrees) with them, what other evidence can anyone cite that backs up a contention that Obama is “radical” or ‘hates America”…none (although some folks here will imagine it) and given that he denounced both, the questions are answered.   And to use one event, out of the thousands of events Obama attended where Obama spaces out and does not put his hand on his heart, to make an outrageous claim that Obama “hates America” is another example of “smoke” distorting someone’s character.   (I remember responding to this silly character assassination by linking to a picture of HW Bush doing the same thing.)  So it is perfectly legitimate to raise issues about someone’s character-but to repeat someone’s middle name just because it provocative is the kind of BS that lowers civic debate.  Certainly Palin has some explaining to do to give us a better idea of who she is.  The issues I brought up (or just repeated from media sources) need to be explained.  And we are waiting for that to happen.  And there appear to be other issues she needs to explain-like her claim that she opposed the “bridge to nowhere” when it appears she did not, or her claim of opposing earmarks when she may in fact have sought earmarks to the extent she even hired a lobbyist to get them and it appears she need to explain more about her tenure as Mayor, in putting the town on the wrong financial course.  Am I questioning her character to be the next VP…sure am and it’s all legitimate and I’m looking forward to her explainations.  With regards to her daughter…there are questions of character that I may address in a future post, but it does not related to Palin and her family, but other people.

Secondly, I’m not unilaterally disarming…I occasionally have civil discussions with some folks here…but I see, and react to, an awful lot of cheap shots around here.  As long as there are folks like Eabo and Ken around to spew their crap I’ll play my part and react in kind.  Not a perfect answer, but we don’t live in a perfect world.  I onced suggested a “character seize fire” around here, but was mocked…so we shall continue to do battle.

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