Poll News from Massachusetts


Obama 55%

McCain 39%

Full cross-tabs here.

Rasmussen Reports:

Kerry 65%

Beatty 30%

Analysis here.

The good news: McCain holds a 9-point lead over Obama among unenrolled voters, and the margin is not as big as it was in 2004 and 2000. The smaller the margin between Obama and McCain in MA, the better our prospects appear for winning our legislative races this year.

These recent polls show that we must turn all of our attention, as far the federal races go, upon New Hampshire (McCain vs. Obama, Sununu vs. Shaheen, Bradley vs. Shea-Porter, and Horn vs. Hodes.) We can do this either from MA, by getting involved in one of our growing number of GOP Victory offices here in the Bay State; or taking a campaign bus to NH.

We also have plenty of work to be doing here in Massachusetts to elect and re-elect our reform-minded Republican candidates in competitive districts.

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