Parks rakes in big bucks in State Rep race


First, I want to thank Bob for filing his campaign reports only one week late and just one day after I posted that they weren’t available to the citizens of Massachusetts.  One thing is clear, he can not blame the delay on the huge amount of paperwork he had to process.  The tiny little itsy bitsy details are below…

Bob raised a total of $375 from a donor base of 3 people.  Bob’s war chest is $275, cash-on-hand, as he prepares for the final push.

Bob has a very interesting stragety running for a State Rep’s seat serving the communities of Athol and Orange, MA.  Thus far he has focused his campaign resources on New York City…remibursing himself $100 to attend a forum in the Big Apple.  (I think it was the Black Republician Caucus–remember that was the event he blasted John McCain for not attending.)

And this report does generate some questions.  For example, who paid for the campaign website?  The webwork is created to which maybe just a blogspot shareware site or maybe a professional design house (I need to be educated)

Were in-kind video equipment/services used to create the campaign video on the site?  (I know Bob works in the video field and may own all the equipment and may have shot and edited the stuff himself, but these questions must be asked.)

There of course is no problem with personal in-kind contributions…they just need to be reported and I’m just asking questions.

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