Palin tied to Secessionist Movement?

It’s apparent that McCain’s campaing did little, if any, vetting on Sarah Palin and now we’ll see this vetting process played out in public–one day at a time.

Now we have Palin tied to a fringe “Alaska First” movement that advocates the state of Alaska vote on whether to seceded from the US, claiming that the 50’s statehood movement was illegal.  

Here is a video of the co-chair of this movement giving a bit of history and at about 6:20 into the video, claiming Sarah Palin was once a card carrying member of the group.  

In addition, here is Gov. Palin giving her “best wishes” to this fringe group’s 2008 convention, so obviously she doesn’t mind being connected to this group.

There are lots of interesting ideas this group holds, like repatriation of all federal lands in the state (yes, I know many here may like that idea).  

As we learn more about Palin, it’s apparent that she is on the far fringes of American political idealogy–hell she’d probably reject that statement because it implies she’s an American and not an Alaskan.

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