Nat’l Organization of Women endorses…………….

If you said Palin – You would be WRONG.  The organization that makes every effort to promote the success and equal treatment of women has gone ahead and endorsed the ticket that doesn’t actually have any women on it – Obama/Biden.

I guess that NOW believes that Barack Hussein Obama and Joe “make it up as you go” Biden knows more about the troubles of being women than does Sarah Palin.  On a serious note, does NOW really think that having Sarah Palin as Vice Presdient would not inspire women around the country and/or the world.  Tha argument was good for Hillary, but somehow not for Sarah – go figure.

I think by endorsing the ticket without a woman on it suggests that this special interest group is incorrectly named and should instead call itself – The National Orgainzation of Liberal Women’ (NOLW).  I guess we see their true colors now that a woman is on the ticket….

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