McCain Used Senatorial Connections To Cover Up Wife’s Illegal Drug Activities

Tom Gosinski worked for Cindy McCain’s medical aid charity until he realized that she was getting drug prescriptions for herself written in his name and the names of other employees.  He complained and was fired.  Now he is coming forward, describing how Senator McCain used Senatorial resources and connections to facilitate Cindy’s activities and try to cover up Cindy’s illegal activities.  Raw Story has the details.  

Apparently the only thorough investigative report done on the matter happened in 1994, and until now seems largely forgotten.

You’re U.S. Senator John McCain, and you’ve got a big problem.

Your wife, Cindy, was addicted to prescription painkillers. She stole pills from a medical-aid charity she heads and she used the names of unsuspecting employees to get prescriptions.

The public is about to find out about it.

Until now, you’ve managed to keep it all quiet. When Tom Gosinski, a man your wife fired, sued for wrongful termination and threatened to expose the whole sordid story, you didn’t hesitate to call in the big guns.

John Dowd, the attorney who got you out of your Keating Five mess, worked on getting your wife a sweetheart deal with federal prosecutors. He also made Gosinski’s lawsuit go away.

He didn’t stop there.

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