McCain taking Obama to school

Why McCain is better for America

Most Americans are content to sit back and let the candidates explain why he or she is the better candidate with catch phrases or talking points but there are ways for average Americans to decide for themselves who is the smarter and, equally important, the wiser. For example, in the 2008 presidential race we found Barack Obama, seeing Mitt Romney paraded around by the McCain campaign shortly before the DNC, counter by announcing his vice presidential pick Sen. Joe Biden. This strategic feint by McCain lured Obama into a pick he will one day want back. The second outmaneuvering by McCain was the well timed announcement of his vice presidential pick Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin which came within the same news cycle as the great Obama speech of the 08′ DNC in Denver. The media “better dealed” Obama though with the intriguing choice of the attractive Palin and she has captivated the nation since. The motive of the choice of a woman is up for debate but the choice of a reformist, pro-life, well versed governor on energy issues who has clearly eclipsed the charismatic Obama is brilliant. The fact that the Senator from Illinois is seemingly incapable of leaving Mrs. Palin out of his stump speeches is a bad sign for Democrats. The McCain campaign has lured their opponent into the topic of experience which is exactly where McCain wants the focus to be on by design. If McCain is outwitting Obama  by taking him to school from the seizing of momentum from an historic campaign, run almost perfectly by Obama to arguably tempting the novice Obama to choose a VP pick which according to Biden himself, may not have been the best choice, how can we expect “president” Obama to keep up with the likes of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Venezuela  and other nations who may act up with calculating devices against our interests? Perhaps in four years Mr. Obama will be prepared but for now America is better served with John McCain who clearly still has his wits about him. The opinion is debatable but the results are not open to such debate. The reversal of momentum has put McCain in the driver’s seat and even the congressional races which only recently favored Democrats, are closer in many races.

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