McCain speech draws 500K more viewers than Obama

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The Neilsen ratings are out, and low and behold, McCain had more viewers for his acceptance speech than Obama a week earlier.

John McCain has won the ratings race.

The Republican nominee beat Democratic challenger Barack Obama’s record-setting convention speech viewership by 500,000.

McCain’s address at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night was seen by about 38.9 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. Obama received 38.4 million.

That means McCain’s speech is now the most-watched in convention history — 41% higher than President Bush’s acceptance speech four years ago, and 1% higher than Obama’s address last week.

On the heels of Sarah Palins 40 Million viewers (16 Million  more than Biden, and more than Obama himself) means that McCain/Palin combined had nearly 17 million more viewers than Obama/Bidens combined viewer numbers.

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