McCain draws 13,000+ at Colorado Springs Rally

Looks like the, “can John McCain fill a stadium?” questions can start to be put to rest.  At a rally in Colorado Springs 13,000+ people turned out to greet McCain and Sarah Palin.  

Sen. John McCain brought his presidential campaign to Colorado Springs on Saturday, testing the height of his post-convention “bounce” and laying down an early marker in an effort to bring swing-state Colorado into the Republican column on Election Day.

“We need to carry Colorado. We need to win!” he told a roaring crowd that spilled out of a hangar at the Colorado Jet Center, on the west side of the Colorado Springs Airport.

The Colorado Springs Police Department declined to provide an estimate of the crowd size, but a campaign spokesman, Tom Kise, said 13,000 had gone through security checks.

This rally is one of many that have been garnering thousands of people as McCain and Palin tour the country.

8,000+ overflowed an amphitheater in suburban Detroit.

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