Let’s Go SAR-AH!

Remember, when you post your glowing reviews of Palin’s speech tonight (have a nice glass o’ kool-aid first, kids!) that it ain’t her speech. As in even less than usual.


Palin to Deliver Romney’s Speech with Pink Paint

Sarah Palin can be expected to deliver a forceful speech full of red meat, one that’s perfectly in harmony with the McCain message and the attacks that the GOP has launched against Barack Obama. How can we be sure? Because she’s not delivering her speech, she’s delivering a speech that was pre-written for someone else by McCain’s staff.

  Sitting around a dining room table, the McCain team has talked to her about Iraq, energy and the economy, but has focused on what she should say in her speech, struggling almost as hard as she has to prepare for what will be, along with a debate in October, her main opportunity to shape the way she is viewed by voters. Not anticipating that McCain would choose a woman as his running mate, the speech that was prepared in advance was “very masculine,” according to campaign manager Rick Davis, and “we had to start from scratch.”

Here’s McCain’s own campaign manager confirming that Palin was a last minute choice, and that the original speech was written for someone else. Right now, they’re sitting at that table with the diced up remains of a speech that was originally written for Romney or Pawlenty and putting a dress on it.

It would be interesting to see what the before and after versions of the speech look like. What will be missing from the revised speech? What parts of the speech did the Republicans find so “masculine” that they just couldn’t let their VP pick deliver them? Just the fact that they’re busily putting pink paint on a speech designed before McCain threw his Hail Hard Right pass shows what they really think about Palin, and about women in general. Unless the speech was full of references to jock straps, just what was in it that Palin couldn’t say? Really, how sexist is it to describe a political speech as “very masculine?” Maybe they were hoping to give the former VP-candidate a jump on a career peddling Viagra.

Don’t worry, the final draft will include plenty of direct appeals to women voters. There will be a big dollup of how Palin takes the kids to hockey practice and is the absolute personification of the mom America loves. But if you hear Palin mention something about her history as an entrepreneur, or drift into her experience as governor of Minnesota, don’t be too surprised. After all, there no mention of Palin bringing any ideas of her own to this speech.


so remember–don’t cal it “Palin’s spech.” all she’s doing is memorizing someone else’s sexed up speech

Things Palin won’t mention:

Her opposition to the war

“I don’t have any real idea what’s going on in Iraq”

State troopers

executive privelege




Jews for Jesus


End times theology


The Bridge to Nowhere (the one she was for before she was against it)


the AIP

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