John Kerry = Hypocrite ..

So whats all this buzz over at BMG about John Kerry’s latest TV ad…

And this on the heels of his famous Global Warming alarmist ad featuring the prince of darkness Algore…

Is it just me or are these two ads completly inconsistant with eachother?

On one hand he tells us that burning oil is evil and will lead to the ruination of the entire planet.

Then, he comes back and tells us that he knows all this fear mongering has made oil really really expensive, so to help us, he will borrow more money from the chinese to give to people here at home so that they can use it to buy more oil.

If John realy believes that the planet is in danger shouldnt he be proposing lining up those same residents and march them off to Florida where they can ride out the winter in comfort, without fear of freezing?

Sort of like a modern trail of tears but for the good of the planet?

I mean, can John have it both ways … stop drilling and production of nuclear power for “environemntal reasons” and then bemoan the resultant cost and win the thanks of those impoverished by it by having the government buy them all the oil they need at the right price?

Is it just me?

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