Jeff Beatty: Beat the Odds?

I certainly hope that Jeff Beatty can beat the odds and while we’re laboring away for McCain-Palin let us do what we can to ensure a victory for our US Senate candidate, Jeff Beatty.

If Republican Jeff Beatty is going to pull off a monumental upset over Sen. John F. Kerry in November, he’ll have to do so without a huge helping hand from the national GOP – at least for now.

Beatty told the Herald this week he’s getting “some support” from the national party, mostly in the all-important area of “opposition research.” But the national GOP has yet to make the race one of its targets for victory because Beatty is lagging in the polls.

“Their priorities now are their nine Senate seats,” Beatty said, referring to GOP senators facing stiff challenges. “They tell us if we close the gap, they’ll come in here and help us more. If we do narrow the gap, I think we’ll get plenty of help in the last few weeks.”

Beatty’s fund-raising has been strong and “is picking up every day,” he said.

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