In case you’ve missed this…

It’s still a couple of political lifetimes away from the General Election, but if you haven’t been paying much attention, I just wanted to point out that Barack Obama is beginning to pull away from McCain in very significant ways.  

The Real Clear Politics average of top national polls show Obama with nearly a 5 point lead and the Gallup tracking poll–often cited here at RMG– shows Obama up by 8 points.  

Equally troubling is the projected electoral map which shows Obama with 301 votes–31 more than needed–which includes winning Virginia AND North Carolina.

You all may not have been aware of the developments that lead to this because you watching Fox News, but here are a couple of generally accepted reasons why Obama has improved in the last two weeks:

McCain was slow to react and came out with inconsistent reactions to the financial crisis.

The perception is Obama did better in the debate.

And third, they’ve HAD to let Sarah Palin speak.

Right now, it will take a major blunder from Obama, or (God forbid) a major international crisis to change the trajectory of this election.  And of course no one would wish an international event just to impact political events…right?

Just thought you’d be interested in knowing what’s up.

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