House GOP dumps bailout bill…….and other updates….

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Congressman Ruppersburger (D) is on Foxnews right now claiming that this is not a “bailout”.  It sounds eerily like a politician from a year ago claiming that this is not “amnesty”.  We knew better.

On the same show – as members of the Heritage Foundation claim that we will be unable to get loans of any sort the interview is suddenly interrupted by an advertisment from “Lending Tree – when lenders compete….” you know the rest.

The market dropped 777 points today due to the GOP House telling Barney Frank to go suck on it.  Good for them.  It is about time that some politicians a little scared for their jobs actually started to act in our best interest.  In the meantime Barney Frank had a hissy fit on the House floor suggesting that the GOP is not playing fair.  (Why is it that whenever I hear the name Barney Frank I think of the Howie Carr show and the recording of Barney Frank yelling “Gay, lesbian, Bisexual and transgendered….’ in that raspy voice….

George W. Bush is in hiding.  I think that is a good idea.

More than ever I am for question 1 – repealing the income tax – Sorry Angelic One…..

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