Holy crap you guys …. we gotta register at the Huffington Post!

There is a huge throw down there between Alec Baldwin and Greg Garcia (creator of “My Name Is Earl”)!



Alec started it in a New Yorker profile by saying NBC head honchos pay more attention to Earl than to his series.

Then Greg Garcia fired back by calling Alec a psychotic narcissist.  

Not to be outdone, Alec went to the Huffington Post and started a major throw down!  He said “for Earl’s creator, Greg Garcia, who referred to me as a ‘psychotic,’ I have only one question. Why are you Scientologists always rendering these medical opinions you aren’t qualified to give?”


Then Greg Garcia retaliated with “Alec, I can’t tell you how happy I am to once again point out that you are an idiot……”  

You guys should totally check it out!

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