HEY Bernanke …. INJECT ME!

Has the old world order officialy been replaced?

Can we now at least stop pretending to be free market capitalists and finaly proclaim once and for all that we are now OFFICIALY a fascist state run by tyrants and maintained through propogandists?

I mean, dont recent events match the exact definition of fascism?

I just looked at my checking account but sadly there was no “injection of liquidity” given to me by our glorious leaders. Zippo, wonder when the bills will start to arrive. My guess is never as they will pay for this latest spree by just deflating the currncy.

And as if the 180 billion dollar “injection” that the fed pumped into the banks overnight wasnt enough we get late news of even more generousity by Comrade Bush and friends.

Wonder why there was so much interest by those in the know in land purchases in Bolivia? Guess again.

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