Have you heard the news? … At the bequest of Bushco, Ben Bernanke and other administration officials are going to team up with Barney Frank and Chuckie Schumer and fast track a new “entity” which will buy up companies bad assets (at taxpayer expense) and then attempt to sell off said “bad assets”.

I am imagining something like the “Barney Frank Royal Bank Of Corporate Goodwill”.

The only bad note in this is that since these “assets” are worthless, the government will get zippo when the sales are closed but by then the network news will not be focusing on this story and you will be back to watching Sanjaya or the latest trivial horserace details and wont be bothered with the fine print.

Way to Go Fascists!

“Cleanse companies balance sheets” and “inject them with liquidity”! Yee-ha …

What do McCain and Obama have to say about all this? Hmmm …

 The Usual Suspects


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