Does this threaten McCain’s chances?

This is gonna happen on November 1st, three days before the election.  I believe that most RMG Republicans would agree with me that there is a high risk of backlash if this stadium prayer session is allowed to define the sides of the election.  As a poster on (a good pro-gay blog) commented, “I think this is great. Our opponents should just huddle together in a stadium and pray, thereby reminding everyone that the ONLY arguments put forth in favor of Prop. 8 are religious in nature.”

McCain clearly believes that his campaign should keep some distance between himself and the religious right, as evidenced by not showing up at the convention when the Romneys and Huckabees spoke, and having Sarah Palin cancel her speech with Phyllis Schlafly.  But I think that merely not standing right next to them will not be enough to overcome videos like the one above, and stadium prayer sessions that declare that the election is about “Light versus Darkness” three days before the election.  What is needed is their own message about why they are against same-sex marriage, and that message has to be intriguing enough to command the media so that the stadium prayer meeting doesn’t define the election.  They need to find a way to allow people to vote against same-sex marriage even if they are turned off by that video (while at the same time not offending those evangelical voters either).

Let me introduce to you, the one and only Kaguya!  We need to let the public know about the experiments into same-sex conception, and point out that Obama believes same-sex couples should have all the same rights, including the right to conceive children together, that a man and a woman do.  And that LGBT groups demand that it should be allowed, and be safe and affordable, which means funded by taxpayers.

Don’t you agree that it would be smart to show that the religious reasons are not the only reasons for McCain and Palin to have the positions they do?

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