disney movie!

Actually, I think I’ve actually SEEN this movie.

Of course, this just another sexist brute pounding on poor, misunderstood Dame Palin.

It’s funny; I didn’t think anyone could make me miss the creepy Ms Clinton. And all it took was one book-banning, corrupt, greedy (love the state subsidized dinners, sweetums!), lying (bridge to nowhere blah blah blah earmarks blah blah blah), dumbass (“why does she need to answer any questions?”) rabidly anti-science creationist flake.

No one here would believe it, but I respected McCain enough once that I was talking up a dream ticket of McCain-Powell. I meant it, too. And I voted in the 2000 primary as a freaking Republican because I liked the old John that much (and detested the scum that everyone now knows Bush to be).

And I hate Joe Lieberman. Do I ever. But if McCain had picked him, I would have respected the choice. Lieberman is a bad man, but he he’s a sensible choice. As is Ridge. But McCain didn’t put “country first”–he put ambition first, as he has for years now. From someone else–say, a Clinton, a Kerry–that would be unremarkable. But from the guy who says that he’d rather win a war and lose the presidency to suck up to the bottom feeders the way this sad old man has, to put his own ambitions before the good of the county again and again, to watch him sell out his own self-proclaimed principled so many times over the past two-and-half years … and then to hear you people CHEER for him???

I’m not sure what it is. Either you don’t believe anything you read or see that hasn’t been vetted by FOX, so any charge against McCain is automatically inaccurate; or you really don’t think integrity and dignity and truth has any part whatsoever left to play in American politics; or you are just a bunch of lost children who Need a Big Daddy to protect you from the evil vietnamese and lebanese and TERRORISTS and maybe now the Russians again.As well as all those people of color who weren’t allowed on the Convention floor.

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