Comrade Bush Watch: A New Kind of Deal

Every generation has brought us at least one leader who has broken with the status quo and offered us something completly different.

In my grandparents time there was FDR and his “new deal”. My parents generation witnesed LBJ and his “great society”.

And not to be outdone we are this summer seeing  unfold, GWB and his “offer you cant refuse”.

In the latest installment Dubyah and his henchmen have delivered to the American people the keys to a bankrupt insurance company at the affordable price of only 85 billion dollars.

Sound outrageous?

Of course it is, but its an offer you cant refuse. Go ahead, just try.

Add this to the broken investment banks and mismanaged mortgage lenders that we have “purchased” along with the billions of dollars worth of petrol purchased at a premium and poured back into the ground, and it becomes clear that the federal government has taken upon itself the role of ultimate maker in all markets. What a surprise, and from a “conservative” administration too. Comrade Stalin is envious of such an acomplishment.

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