BushCo Severance Pay …

Times are hard and it is only fitting that BushCo should be looking after “the team” as their reign of terror mercifully draws to a long overdue close.

If nothing else, one has to give them credit for gall.

Never before has a theft of this magnitude been proposed and to my knowledge no one has ever had the foresight to submit their request for immunity from prosecution along with the loan application (see section 8).

If nothing else this shows us that government cost cutting measures have been effective, in that the paperwork reduction act has obviously combined these two functions (loan application and immunity from prosecution request) onto a single application. Forests have been saved by reducing the entire scheme onto three pages, nearly the equivelent of writing the demands onto the back of an envelope.

Fortunatly the congressional “deliberation” on this matter “must be done quickly” as the suspense is killing me.

Who gets what cut and how long will it take for the entire sum of money to find its way to the Cayman Islands? Time will tell.

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