Brion Cangiamila makes Ballot

Contrary to Laurel’s most fervent wishes, Brion Cangiamila made the November ballot.

Cangiamila, 46, a former two-term Billerica selectman and one-term state representative, launched a write-in campaign just weeks before Tuesday’s primary with hopes of making it on the ballot in the Nov. 4 general election.

He needed at least 300 write-in or sticker votes to do so. Unofficial results show Cangiamila received 451 votes in the Republican primary, with 159 coming from Burlington, 127 from Billerica, 70 from Arlington, 22 from Lexington and 73 from Woburn. Donnelly received 11,969 votes Tuesday to win the Democratic primary.

See Laurel, they had it covered.  Perhaps a little more google searching next time before you post?

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  • Festus Garvey

    According to Cangiamila’s last OCPF report (which was filed 10/1/08) his committee is 5 grand in the hole.  I’m sure that’s changed, but I doubt by much.

  • Laurel

    I did make a mistake in that I didn’t know he didn’t need 300 write-ins from each community, but just in total.  Gosh, what a high bar!  That he got 451 simply makes me quake in my boots (not).

    But I was correct when I said the Arlington RTC must be shambles since a) they were still not organized to solicit write-ins the night before the primary, and b) they only netted 70 republican votes there.  But if you want to insist that I’m wrong about ARTC, I will admit that when I look at the similarly low write-in numbers from Lexington, perhaps the greater explanation is that there just aren’t any republicans in Arl to organize.  Woburn surprises me though – that town is certainly not known to be liberal (just swapped pro-life Natale for anti-equality whatshisname).  Either they’re all conservative dems there, or republicans are as sadly organized there as in Arl.

  • politicalmadman

    What gave you the idea that they were well organized ? Let’s be honest here about the whole situation. BAD AND WORSE. No secret there, doesn’t take a brain surgeon. It’s a ten year plan at least and unless someone is willing to make one up, oh well.

  • I’ve been putting “Brion Cangiamila” into Google news since the election and never hit anything saying that he was on the ballot.  Brion’s own website didn’t make it clear either.

  • politicalmadman

    to worry about than getting votes. According to several contacts, he still owes people money from last year’s run. It is my understanding that he even went as far as to bounce checks ……more info to come.