Brion Cangiamila makes Ballot

Contrary to Laurel’s most fervent wishes, Brion Cangiamila made the November ballot.

Cangiamila, 46, a former two-term Billerica selectman and one-term state representative, launched a write-in campaign just weeks before Tuesday’s primary with hopes of making it on the ballot in the Nov. 4 general election.

He needed at least 300 write-in or sticker votes to do so. Unofficial results show Cangiamila received 451 votes in the Republican primary, with 159 coming from Burlington, 127 from Billerica, 70 from Arlington, 22 from Lexington and 73 from Woburn. Donnelly received 11,969 votes Tuesday to win the Democratic primary.

See Laurel, they had it covered.  Perhaps a little more google searching next time before you post?

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