Bailout Supported by Seven Percent (07%) of public

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Now here is a level of support that you dont see every day; seven frigging percent?

The percentage of people who think Dick Cheney attacked the world trade center is much higher than that.…

And it shouldnt come as much of a surprise either.

Remember, it is these same Wall Street idiots and their enablers that have auctioned off every other American industry to foreign interests while feeding us the same story line … “America doesnt need those industries because we can get by just fine being the financial center of the world”.

Well, well. ..

And now they have the gall to come begging for handouts to the same people that they have dispossessed of their livelyhood… and congress eats it up.

What else do we need, a replay of the now famous video of Bush and his base of “haves and have mores”?

Have a heart for cripes sakes, its only another 700 billion.

And besides all that, I’m with this guy. He speaks for me.

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