Among the Paultards

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I am posting an excellent article from the Weekly Standard to mark today’s announcement by Ron Paul, urging his supporters to support a third-party candidate. It appears that Cynthia McKinney, one of the presidential candidates with whom he appeared in his press conference today, would make a better President than John McCain in his opinion. Wow! Here’s another gem from today’s AP article:

[Bob] Barr said he had asked Paul to join him as his running mate on the Libertarian Party ticket while his current running mate, Wayne Root would step aside. “We don’t anticipate that he will,” Barr said.

Talk about libertarian political ineptness.

Among the Paultards

Even they are ashamed of their candidate’s supporters.

by Matt Labash – The Weekly Standard

09/15/2008, Volume 014, Issue 01


While the press often considers the Ron Paul movement to be chock-full of cranks, wackos, and conspiracy theorists, I take a more nuanced view. For me, the Ron Paul Revolution is like a cozy winter fire. From a distance, the crackling flames of individual liberty and freethinking libertarianism take the chill off sterile two-party politics. But get too near the searing embers, and they will cause blistering, profuse sweating, and all-around general discomfort.

I’ve driven up to the Earle Brown Heritage Center, where leadership training is taking place for the Ron Paultards, as they are often called. The Texas Republican congressman’s people have decided that, though the presidential primary is long over, the Paultardiness must go on. And so they have convened in Minneapolis, to conduct a three-day shadow convention, the capstone of which will be an all-day “Rally for the Republic.” Though my Mapquest directions are sketchy, it’s readily apparent I’ve arrived at the right place. The bumper stickers are the giveaway, saying things such as “I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it,” and “My other car is a UFO.”


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