Among the Paultards

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I am posting an excellent article from the Weekly Standard to mark today’s announcement by Ron Paul, urging his supporters to support a third-party candidate. It appears that Cynthia McKinney, one of the presidential candidates with whom he appeared in his press conference today, would make a better President than John McCain in his opinion. Wow! Here’s another gem from today’s AP article:

[Bob] Barr said he had asked Paul to join him as his running mate on the Libertarian Party ticket while his current running mate, Wayne Root would step aside. “We don’t anticipate that he will,” Barr said.

Talk about libertarian political ineptness.

Among the Paultards

Even they are ashamed of their candidate’s supporters.

by Matt Labash – The Weekly Standard

09/15/2008, Volume 014, Issue 01


While the press often considers the Ron Paul movement to be chock-full of cranks, wackos, and conspiracy theorists, I take a more nuanced view. For me, the Ron Paul Revolution is like a cozy winter fire. From a distance, the crackling flames of individual liberty and freethinking libertarianism take the chill off sterile two-party politics. But get too near the searing embers, and they will cause blistering, profuse sweating, and all-around general discomfort.

I’ve driven up to the Earle Brown Heritage Center, where leadership training is taking place for the Ron Paultards, as they are often called. The Texas Republican congressman’s people have decided that, though the presidential primary is long over, the Paultardiness must go on. And so they have convened in Minneapolis, to conduct a three-day shadow convention, the capstone of which will be an all-day “Rally for the Republic.” Though my Mapquest directions are sketchy, it’s readily apparent I’ve arrived at the right place. The bumper stickers are the giveaway, saying things such as “I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it,” and “My other car is a UFO.”


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  • republicanvoices

    If even one of these folks gets elected to our State Committee due to the same level of poor organization on our end as was the case during the RNC delegate caucuses, we should all be ashamed to be Republicans. There is no reason why Paul’s followers should be entitled to seats on the Republican State Committee considering that:

    -Except for a few notable exceptions, exceptions proving the rule, most of Ron Paul’s followers have no background in GOP politics before his GOP primary campaign. If they want to be considered for a seat, they should start by getting involved with Republican campaigns in Massachusetts, INCLUDING the McCain campaign.

    Ron Paul received 2.65% of the vote in MA during the primary. Our SC members should represent more than 2.65% of their district’s Republicans. We need fresh new blood in the MassGOP, but not at the expense of alienating our existing base which predominately supported either Romney or McCain during the primaries. Paul activists have the opportunity to prove that they are represent the interests of more than 23% of Mass. Republicans this election season by supporting Republican candidates at the state, regional, and national levels.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    As a third party member I have every right to support and encourage third party candidates.  I am not a member of a third party because I believe in their cause more sincerely than I do the Republican cause.  I am a third party member because the GOP has f*cked up Washington so bad that I was ashamed to associate with them.  Only recently have I considered coming back, and only for the reason of Sarah Palin.  Take her off the ticket and I am thoroughly in the corner of a Chuck Baldwin (Constitution party).  In other words, the hoopla surrounding the GOP ticket right now has absolutely nothing to do with front-man John McCain.

    That being said, to post an article calling supporters of Ron Paul names like “Paultards” is exactly what will drive forgiving conservatives straight out the door and back into the waiting arms and ranks of third party candidates.  Hint: not a good thing to do in a close political race.

    As for Libertarian ineptness – let’s not forget that the most aggressive fighter for tax reduction in Massachusetts is a Libertarian – Carla Howell.  She makes most of the GOP candidates in the state look like run-of-the-mill hacks.  I dare you to name even one GOP operative in Massachusetts that has been as equally driven towards the idea of small government and low taxes as Howell.  Also, charges of “ineptness” should never be yelled by a supporter of a political party with so few members in the state legislature and only 12% of the voting public.

  • BrocktonDave

    but decided not to show up?

    Perhaps we should be embracing ALL views when the peope who hold them work for the party and not themselves!

  • Ogo flunkies really aren’t in a position to be speaking down to anyone.  You in particular are not in a position to be speaking down to anyone.  Let me remind you that if you had collected signatures the way that everyone else on planet earth collects signatures, then the likelihood of Ogonowski making the ballot would have increased dramatically.

    The Weekly Standard of all publications is not in a position to be criticizing Paul for telling people it is ok to back Cynthia McKinney.  They were perfectly kosher with McCain choosing a non-conservative and non-Republican to be a heartbeat away from becoming President.

    Now, I disagree with Ron Paul that voting for McKinney is a good option.  It confuses his message of liberty.  He is absolutely correct however that McCain is not a good option.  If you are anti-war and believe in liberty then it makes no sense whatsoever to vote McCain.

    Paul’s greatest success has been spreading conservative ideas to those on college campuses.  Many conservative organizations have tried this.  None have succeeded in spreading the message far beyond just the choir.  Paul has actually succeeded in turning young college people who would ordinarily be passing out Marxist pamphlets and quoting Mao into people who are excited about Austrian economics and quoting Hayek.  Astoundingly, this is considered a failure by mainstream “conservatives.”

    As far as local politics is concerned, the main area of disagreement between Ron Paul Republicans and your Republicans is over foreign policy.  It is an issue that does not concern local politics and it would make a great deal of sense not to use it as a wedge to drive people away from being active in local Republican politics.

    If that is the way it must be then I and others can do our thing elsewhere.  The Libertarian Party is an option.  Politics isn’t the arcane science some make it out to be.  Ron Paulists running as LP candidates could do quite well (of course this would be the detriment of any Republican in the same race, but if that’s the way you want it…)