$28,500 Per Seat Obama Fundraiser

Barbra Streisand To Sing At $28,500 Per Seat Obama Fundraiser

According to political consultant Andy Spahn, a co-host of the fund-raiser, the evening will begin with a dinner for the Illinois senator and about 250 guests at the landmark Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Dinner will be followed by a reception in Obama’s honor at the main ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, featuring a performance by Streisand and others. The ballroom holds a crowd of up to 800 people.

Seats for the dinner and reception together go for a whopping $28,500 per person, but supporters who just want to hear Babs sing for Obama can get in for as little as $2,500 per ticket.

I realize this happens equally on the RNC side, but how many people in our country don’t even make that much in a year? Probably most people with this type of cash (except entertainers) contribute equally to both campaigns.

One may need votes to win, but you first need money to run.


I know publicly financed campaigns are unpopular, but I don’t know any other solution.  

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