Vote For Chang-Diaz

With no Republican challengers in sight, it looks like whoever wins the Democrat primary in the Second Suffolk District Senate race will cruise to victory in November. A recent poll indicates that current State Senator Dianne Wilkerson might be facing a genuine threat in the form of Sonia Chang-Diaz’s return as Wilkerson’s challenger. Is it possible for district liberals to free themselves from the taint of corruption?

Unless the state GOP can come up with somebody to run stickers in the primary or general election, a Democrat wins in the general election. Given the aforementioned scenario, I think district Republicans, conservatives & moderates should seize the day (& a Democrat ballot) & vote for Chang-Diaz.

Yes, both women are liberals & hold little if anything in common with Republicans, conservatives, & moderates. However, the stench of corruption that clings to Wilkerson is just too much to tolerate no matter who you are. I’d rather have a sincere liberal like Chang-Diaz fight for what she genuinely believes than continue to tolerate the allegedly benign sleaziness of Wilkerson. So hold your nose & vote for her. Do it for the children, do it for good-hearted liberals everywhere or do it just for the hell of it. Just do it!

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  • Festus Garvey

    …but unless I’m missing something, Republicans can’t take a Dem ballot and isn’t it to late to switch over?

    And just so you know it really me and not someone using my comouter…where in the 2nd Suffolk can you find conservative leaning unenrolled’s…period.

  • Or did they do it themselves form their own HQ?

  • Knightbrigade

    one has to face the hard facts of life.

    The constituents who keep electing Wilkerson remind me of Marion Barry’s supporters. No matter what he did coke, corruption, or anything else Barry kept getting elected. Wilkerson could campaign in an orange jump suit, and still get elected.

    At some point WE can only conclude that SHE/HE tarnished candidate simply reflect the views and character of their constituents. And therefor they/constituents get what THEY deserve.

  • The Angelic One has more details on how the poll was conducted. Interesting stuff.