The Democratic Convention – Observations

I am sitting in a hotel room just outside the city of fountains and thinking a few things as I watch the convention.  They are as follows:

1. Michelle Obama is ugly.  I can’t look at her because her mouth and teeth are too far forward.  She is also shapeless.

2. How many times am I gonna hear about the “South side of Chicago”?  The Dems make Chicago sound like a warzone.  So far about a dozen people have talked about it including both Obamas and Deval Patrick and every single person that has told and retold Obama’s story.  Does being from Chicago make you special?  Is Chicago a good place or a bad place?

3. Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius gave the single worst speech in human history.  She was awful and should have been pulled off the stage with a big freakin’ hook like in the Vaudeville days.

4.  I am tired of the Democrats trying to find a mantra that sticks and resonates.  Right now Biden is speaking and he keeps saying “That isn’t change” when speaking about McCain.  Over the last few days I have heard “Four more months” and “Our time is now” and “Yes we can” and “We are united” and “Take America back” and a slew of other sweet nothings.  They simply can’t find one that seems to really catch.  Every single drool-covered mongoloid that walks across the stage takes a stab at trying to find the right little catch phrase – nothing.

5. I was thrilled to see that when Deval Patrick was speaking Bubba Clinton walked out of the back room and all the cameras switched from Deval Patrick to Bubba as he worked the room.  The networks literally ignored Deval and the second half of his speech.  Deval is getting uglier too and seems to have aged about ten years since taking office.  I don’t think he is well.

6. The more I hear people talk about Obama the more I am convinced that they think he is the return of Christ.  I really truly believe that many Democrats think Obama is the living God.  That is sick.

7. Democrats dress funny and many of them have bad teeth.

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