Romney for VP

First let me state. I was not for Romney for President. I wasnt agaisnt him, per se, I just thought McCain and /or a few others had a better shot at winning with a better resume.

I was also afraid of Romney at the top of the ticket, for many of the same reasons Obama is now facing with limited experience. (I said limited, not a total lack)

However, it is time we, as a Party say that he would be a good choice for VP.

Main reason, his number one role is a tie breaking vote in the Senate, and secondard roll is as a Party leader.

He faced down Dems in Massachusetts, so we know he will be a solid Senate tie breaking vote,and he can raise money and he can energize the base.

His ties to Michigan make him ideal for gaining the Seniors in that state who trend to be the swing vote crutial to the state.

On a side note, his VERY supportinve role after losing the Primary shows he is a man of Party unity.

I think it is time we all said, if he is the choice, he would be a good one.  

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