PolitckerMA: Beatty to Compete John Kerry in media buys

According to PolitickerMA.com Jeff Beatty plans to compete with John Kerry in paid media.

In terms of media strategy, Beatty has relied on free media and the talk radio circuit thus far, but a recent increase in fundraising has led to plans to air television and radio ads starting in September. Manzoli said the campaign recently received its 35,000th contribution, and that many of the donations have come in small sums.

Manzoli knows the campaign is at a steep financial disadvantage to Kerry’s (Beatty had less than $34,000 cash on hand at the end of the second quarter, compared to Kerry’s $8.8 million), and that Beatty trails Kerry by a significant margin in recent polls. But, Manzoli said, the Beatty campaign will have enough money to be “competitive” with him on the airwaves.

“We’re going to be competitive with John Kerry on TV and the radio with clear and succinct messages to draw distinctions on key issues,” Manzoli said. The campaign plans to focus on the economy, energy and immigration.

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