Palin puts Democrats in awkward position to attack

(This is a neatly packaged trap that the Democrats are falling over themselves to fall in. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

The surprise choice of Governor Sarah Palin will put Obama’s campaign in places they probably didn’t want to go.

1) They can’t resist bringing up the experience issue which is perfect for McCain.

2) Biden might have to tread lightly where he is needed to stomp.

3) How do you fight fire without fire? One thing the DNC is short of is a well liked woman to bring women back into the fold. If you think Hillary will do Obama’s bidding, think again.

The Democrat strategists are now left with the unenviable task of insisting that America is better off with a novice driver having little more than his learners permit, drive America home with his driver’s- ed instructor in the back seat instead of having a professional chauffeur drive assisted by an apprentice in the passenger seat. * An apprentice who has more experience driving than that kid with the learners permit.


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